Borderlands 2 is Being Written By Someone You Might Know

It’s come to our attention that fellow journalist Mr. Anthony Burch is writing Borderlands 2, which can be exciting news, if you know who Anthony Burch is.

As a web savvy reader you may recognize Anthony Burch’s name from his time spent writing for Destructoid, but if you don’t because of spending so much time on our site instead, we won’t blame you. However, Anthony’s writing often embodied a certain humorous wit, which is often more obvious in his contributions to the bloggy website called “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin?” or HAWP for short. Last year, Anthony left Destructoid when he was offered a job by Gearbox, but until now it’s simply been mentioned that he writes for them, but not specifically what he’s writing. Recently that information has been revealed via Mr. Burch’s twitter, where he simply said, “I am writing Borderlands 2.”

You might be asking, “So what’s the big deal?” The original Borderlands is known for, among other things, an irreverent sense of humor, often delivered by the crowd stirring Clap Trap. Any fan of the game is likely itching for plenty more loot, but also good times to be had by laughing as they run and gun, and perhaps shouting things at the TV along the lines of “Strip the flesh! Salt the wound!” So I submit to you dear readers evidence of why Anthony Burch is a great addition to deliver hilarity in Borderlands 2, in the form of this video he helped create shortly after being hired last year (NSFW: sounds):

Yes, believe it or not that was a real proposal, and quite possibly the nerdiest and most hilarious one I’ve ever seen, which should be applauded repeatedly. Anthony wrote the script for that, as well as doing the voice work for the off screen character. If you’re still not convinced, or just want some more laughs, go check out the latest HAWP episode (warning: sounds NSFW), which should provide you with some great new vocabulary for daily use. I’m already considering how to work some of these into my articles without getting fired. In the meantime, I’ll keep digging for more Borderlands 2 tidbits for you, as well as every other awesome game heading to our favorite platform.