Criterion Developing Another Open-World Racer?

Burnout Paradise was a huge success when it released back in 2008 on retail disc and then later that year on the PlayStation Store. Now, after making Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, developer Criterion Games could be returning to form with a new open-world racer.

An opening on EA’s recruitment website for an AI programmer at Criterion lists that they are seeking a candidate capable of creating “believable, open world AI Racing Drivers”. This is great news as it would be fantastic to see another huge racer in the vain of Burnout Paradise, and who better to do that then Criterion Games. What would you, the fans, like to see in a new open-world game from this developer?

Right now Criterion is developing the next Burnout game in the series, Burnout Crash. This top-down arcade racer is set to hit the masses later this month on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.