The Arkedo Games Series is Headed to the PSN

Sanuk Games has been hard at work on various games since we last spoke with them prior to the release of their horror MiniS title, Hysteria Project. They have recently announced a set of wallet-friendly, retro throwback titles that are set to hit the PlayStation Store.

Sanuk Games has tweeted a link to a new YouTube video, which features the three games coming out soon on the PlayStation Network. First up is Jump!, a platformer which has you collecting coins and bombs before they explode while avoiding various enemies and obstacles. Oh, and much like in oldschool games, there are no continues – lose all your lives and it’s game over, man. Next is Swap! This is a matching game, which is a throwback to all those block-swapping games you played back in the day. Last but not least is Pixel!, a neon-tinted platformer that feels right at home in the collection. It stars Pix the Cat, from the PlayStation MiniS title Pix ‘n Love Rush. Take a look at the video from Sanuk Games below, complete with a light jabbing at all the AAA games coming out for consoles.


Each of these games will be available separately for $2.49/€1.99/£1.74, which ain’t too shabby when you consider they were originally Xbox Live Indie Games on sale for $3 a pop. So, which of these titles will you download?