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New Resistance 3 Vidoc Takes You Behind the Scenes

The release of date of Sony’s third entry in the epic Resistance franchise is rapidly approaching. Insomniac Games has released a new video developer diary that highlights the extensive motion capture process that went into creating Resistance 3.

Insomniac changed things up quite a bit during their development process this time around. They combined both facial and body motion capture simultaneously to create more believable performances by their actors. The end result is a more compelling story driven experience. Those looking forward to Resistance 3 can check out the video below.


The multiplayer beta offers Resistance fans a taste of the good things to come, but it is also a great fan service that Insomniac is providing to people by giving them a glimpse of all the hard work they put into their titles. Don’t forget to reward them for said work by picking up your copy of Resistance 3 on September 6th.