Get 2x the Fun with ClaDun x2 Release Date

Nippon Ichi and it’s American brand, NIS America, have been really busy lately. After announcing Disgaea 3: Return for the PS Vita, they have now announced the release date for ClaDun x2.

ClaDun x2 will be releasing for the PSP on both UMD and download from the PlayStation Store on August 30th. The game is a sequel to the action-RPG, ClaDun: This is an RPG!, and will once again allow you to customize everything from your character to your weapons.

Features for ClaDun x2 include a new version of Arcanus Cella, Dungeons, Ran-geons, New-geons, and even Tri-geons – that’s a lot of geons! You can upgrade your gang to infinity and even tweak the background music for the game.

With tons of customization and lots of -geons, will you be taking the plunge into this deep action-RPG?