Sony Partnership with UK Retailer Brings PSN Content to GAME Stores

GAME, a popular video game retailer in the UK has just announced a partnership with Sony, which will bring PlayStation Network content to their stores, including PSN subscriptions, full game downloads and add-on content for various games.

Starting today, a total of 42 GAME and gamestation stores will be stocked with a plethora of digital content. Initially, only first party titles like MAG, the God of War Collection and Wipeout Fury will be available, but by mid-September, the library will expand to over 50 titles and stretch beyond UK shores, filling GAME stores all across Europe.

CEO of GAME, Ian Shepherd expressed his excitement for this partnership, saying:

This is important because it offers customers more choice, more advice and more control than they can get online. Our partnership with SCEE means that we can offer customers an unbeatable range and great value across all the gaming channels.

The partnership reflects the close and long standing relationship between GAME and SCEE across Europe as both companies move rapidly to innovate and bring new products and services to customers.

In addition, Robert Fisser of SCEE shared Sony’s enthusiasm for expanding the accessibility of PSN content.

We are excited by the partnership with GAME Group, which will see over 6,000 in-store sales associates promoting the fantastic content available on PlayStation Network to a new audience of over 3.5m customers each week, significantly increasing awareness of digital gaming among new consumers.

With the way the industry is going, it is likely we’ll see more and more retailers begin to fill their stores with digital content. Perhaps a partnership with GameStop is in the making?