Three Options for 3D will be Heading to Batman: Arkham City

Just when you thought Rocksteady was providing the most visceral open-world experience of Gotham possible, the development team have upped the ante and revealed that the game will in fact support 3D as well. Not only that, but Rocksteady and Warner Bros. are going out of their way to make three dimensional gaming as accessible as possible, by providing three different 3D alternatives.

Naturally the game will feature stereoscopic 3D, allowing the title to be played with this nifty tech on any 3D HDTV. In addition, Batman: Arkham City will support NVIDIA 3D Vision tech, which will allow PC gamers to get in on the fun if they have a GeForce GPU-equipped computer that is hooked up to a 3D television set.

For those who don’t find themselves in either category have the option to experience the game in anaglyphic 3D if they don’t mind peering through red and blue lenses.

It looks like Rocksteady is pulling out all the stops for this one, shaping Arkham City into one heck of a follow up to the massively popular Arkham Asylum. Look for it in stores this October.