Worms Crazy Golf Inches Onto PSN

Team17 must really hate worms with all the creative ways they come up for killing them. There have been 17 iterations of the Worms franchise – yes, you read that correctly. The gameplay for Worms has remained fairly constant across all their games, with the main focus of the gameplay being turn-based strategy. The Worms series has been to space, medieval times, and tropical islands, but will now be hitting the green.

Worms Crazy Golf has been announced for the PSN, PC, and iOS. Like the title implies, this game is like a traditional 2D Worms game, but with golf. Instead of trying to bomb the little annelids, you will be trying to direct a golf ball into a hole. The game embraces the “crazy” aspect by allowing you to use parachutes, cannons, magnets, mines, and much more. There will be three different 18 hole courses for a total of 54 levels to putt around. Lead designer, John Dennis, had this to say about the game,

We’ve had a great deal of fun playing the game in multiplayer during development, and with four-player social multiplayer support, it has all the hallmarks of the Worms brand: the trash-talking, pressure to make the shot, terribly unhelpful ‘advice’ from opponents, and often hilarious consequences when that risky shot that could have won the game goes terribly wrong. If players get half as much enjoyment out of it as we’ve already had, then we’ll be very, very happy.

Although the game will feature 4 player local multiplayer, there was no mention of an online component.

Worms Crazy Golf is set to release later this year. The price has yet to be determined.