Beautiful Borderlands 2 Screens Show Off Vibrant Color Palette

2K Games has just released the first batch of screenshots for the sequel to Gearbox’s artistic first-person shooter Borderlands. Those afraid that the sequel will have the same washed out brown and gray environments seen in the first game can rest easy, as Borderlands 2 sports some of the most colorful and vibrant visuals on the market.

Not only will this sequel have some spruced up visuals, according to a report from Gearbox earlier in the week, gamers can expect a much more expansive experience as well as a compelling story this time around. If you haven’t already gotten a chance to check out the trailer for Borderlands 2 that was shown at gamescom yesterday, you can give it a view right here.

In the screenshots below you’ll notice that there’s a brand new character coming to the series named Salvador. This hulking Gunzerker will likely be one of the four new protagonists gamers will be able to choose from when the game launches next year.