Dark Souls gamescom Media Showcases Character Customization and Punishing Gameplay

With From Software’s Dark Souls only a couple of months away, those eager to experience the punishing difficulty rarely seen in other modern games won’t have long to wait. In an effort to tide fans over until the game’s launch, the team has released a number of screenshots alongside a pretty awesome trailer at this year’s gamescom.

The screenshots provide a look at the game’s character customization system, as well as shots from some pretty spectacular gameplay moments.  You can check all of them out in the gallery below:

In addition to the images, a trailer showing off the game’s notoriously difficult gameplay was revealed, and boy does it look awesome. The game boasts visuals that outshine its spiritual predecessor in every way. The character models and enemies look fantastic and the animations are noticeably smoother. Role playing fans won’t want to miss out on this one when the game launches on October 4th.