Sony: Time Was Right for Price Cut, PS3 Still Profitable

At gamescom 2011, Sony officially cut the price on the PlayStation 3 in all major markets, making the console even more attractive. John Koller, director of Hardware Marketing at SCEA, has shared his thoughts on why the time was right to initiate the drop, as well as why he believes that now is the ideal time for consumers to make the transition to PS3.

Speaking in regards to the price drop, Koller told IGN :

We knew the time was right from a market standpoint to drop the price to $249. It’s a really good time to make the announcement and we expect a lot of traction. It is still profitable. We’re not going into the red.

Koller also stated that he anticipates that the cheaper PS3 will grow Sony’s casual, as well as their core, audience:

We’re opening our arms for the Xbox 360 and Wii owners to come over. There’s a real opportunity for those consumers to be able to play, what we view, are the best games in the industry on the PS3 this fall.

Sony does have the largest first party development team in the industry so it really is hard to find fault in Koller’s statements, especially when you look at their upcoming lineup of games.