Step into the Dungeon with Ruin gamescom Screenshots

As part of Sony’s gamescom lineup, dungeon crawling RPG Ruin has received a fresh batch of screenshots to keep you locked up for a little bit longer.  Originally announced back at E3, the game received plenty of attention due to its connectivity between the PlayStation and PlayStation Vita.

Ruin is being co-developed by SCE San Diego Studio and Idol Minds, the group behind the very popular PSN game Pain. The game will feature a cloud save functionality, which will allow players to start the game up on their PS3 and then at any time save, then pick it right up on their PS Vita.

The game plays much like Diablo, with plenty of levels full of all kinds of nefarious monsters. Multiple classes and plenty of loot, along with full use of the Vita’s robust features should make this a game worth picking up.

Ruin should be releasing on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita alongside the handhelds launch.