Chill Out With New Arkham City Screens

The Batman universe has a lot of villains that make great video game enemies. Ever since the announcement of Arkham City, gamers have wanted to know what villains would make it in the game. The Penguin, Two-Face, Solomon Grundy, Mr. Freeze, and others have already been revealed. Mr. Freeze was announced in trailer just three days ago. Anyone who wanted a closer look at Mr. Freeze’s suit should keep reading after the jump.

Several screens have been released that show off some of the finer details of Mr. Freeze. First of all, his victims are encased in ice outside the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge. Similar to the Penguin’s reveal trailer, one of the victims has “dead cop” written on him, so it looks like Mr. Freeze and the Penguin are working together. Also, notice that in the screens with Mr. Freeze, Batman’s suit is in one piece, but in the other screen shots, Batman’s suit is ripped and torn. The fight with Mr. Freeze may not have gone as well as Batman planned.

Batman: Arkham City is scheduled to ship to North American retailers on October 18th.