Dishonored Screens Take Knife Fights to a Whole New Level

Bethesda has recently revealed several new screenshots of Arkane Studio’s upcoming first-person stealth action title Dishonored. Judging by the screens, close quarters combat will play an important role in the title’s gameplay mechanics.

You’ll notice in one rather disturbing image that the camera is shown through the eyes of Corvo (knife in hand) as he pursues an unknown woman down a dark alleyway, probably with the intention of killing her. Apparently, your knife will often be the weapon of choice as another screen shows our main character facing off against a group of thugs in what can only be described as a street-side knife fight.

It’s clear that the world of Dishonored is corrupted and bleak, with a darker, more overcast color palette. The game itself looks great though, and the visuals are crisp and artistic.

This will definitely be one to keep your eyes on as we near its inevitable 2012 release.