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Get a Look at the New PSP-E1000 Up Close and Personal

Earlier this week, Sony unveiled their new budget-friendly model of the PlayStation Portable during their press conference at gamescom. Now, we’ve got a few more close-up images that will give you a better idea of what to expect from the low-cost handheld.

The model is currently priced at €99, a difference of €30 when compared to the current version of the PSP. In order to provide consumers with this cheaper model, Wi-Fi support has been removed from the handheld. Currently, this product will only be offered in Europe, with no official plans to bring it to North America or Japan.

The images below were taken during gamescom this week and show off the the handheld’s minor changes. You’ll notice that the new model has a matte finish and is about the same size as the current PSP. The entire back of the handheld opens up, providing access to the UMD slot.

Not bad. The lack of WiFi is a bit bewildering, but at such a low price point, it’s a steal.