Valve Set On Increasing Play Value of Portal 2, Praises Sony

For the first few years after the release of the PlayStation 3, Gabe Newell didn’t have very many kind words to say about Sony and their console. Then in late 2010, Gabe and other members of Valve started praising the architecture of the PSN over Xbox Live. At E3 last year, Gabe took the stage to announce Portal 2 and Steam on PS3. Ever since then, Gabe has spoken out in favor of the PS3 several times. Gabe took advantage of gamescom to talk more about the industry.

Gabe Newell recently sat down with Develop to talk about Dota 2, PC gaming, and community involvement. The interview also steered toward the PS3, and Sony’s treatment of developers. Gabe voiced his opinion that Sony should be praised for opening its console to outside networks, specifically by integrating Steam.

I think Sony will start to benefit from what it’s doing. They’ve done the scary thing and I think it’s up to us as developers to make sure Sony and its customers are rewarded.

Gabe mentioned that it was “absolutely important” that games like Portal 2 and Dust 514 be a success on the PS3. Gabe went into further detail on Portal 2 by saying,

With the release of the first Portal 2 DLC people will really see the value of Sony allowing Steam to be released on their system. I think you’ll see us pushing very hard in increasing the overall play value of Portal 2.

Finally, Gabe went on to speculate how Sony is helping other developers.

I think not only us but other developers are benefiting from Sony’s approach. We and other developers have to show we’re creating value to Sony for opening up its network. We have to show them it’s a smart business move. We need to reward Sony for making this decision. We need to prove Sony is right.

So, it looks like Sony and Valve will continue to have a good relationship into the near future. I’m sure PS3 gamers are glad to hear the Valve plans on increasing the overall play value of Portal 2. Let us know what you think in the comments below.