Prepare to Die in the New Dark Souls Trailer

Dark Souls is the next highly anticipated game from From Software. Their last dungeon crawler, Demon’s Souls, had a deep combat system, but didn’t have much variety in enemy types. According to From Software, Dark Souls will not only have over three times as many enemy types, but will have more mini-bosses scattered throughout the game. As the release date gets closer, From Software has revealed more and more enemies, and today is no different.

A new trailer has been released for Dark Souls that show off several enemies, all set to a catchy tune by the Silent Comedy. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like knowing what bosses look like, then you might want to avoid this trailer. Several different enemies are shown in this trailer, including some creature that wears masquerade ball masks, a Pinhead-looking knight, a giant ball of skeletons, an axe wielding skeleton with tentacles, and a wolf the wields a sword in its mouth. Yes that’s right, the wolves are back, but this time they are armed.