Overstrike “Plays to Insomniac’s Strengths”, “Focusing on co-op”

In a sea of sequels, Insomniac’s upcoming multiplatform title Overstrike looks to bring a breath of fresh air to the shooter genre. But will it be able to stand out from the pack of competing franchises that already have strong brand recognition? Developer Insomniac seems to think so.

In fact, creative director Brian Allgiar believes that this will actually benefit Overstrike, as it’s a completely fresh and unique experience. In an interview with CVG, Alligar shared his confidence and excitement for this upcoming title:

It’s a brand new IP. It’s going to be coming out at a time when we think a lot of sequels are going to be coming out so it’s a very fresh, new experience for players. We’re focusing on co-op, which is a big trend right now, people love to play games together, and we’re specifically focusing on an a-symmetrical co-op experience.

Overstrike definitely plays to Insomniac’s strengths, it’s got imaginative weaponry, it’s got engrossing characters and storylines. It’s also got a sense of humor and it’s heavily based on action.

Overstrike is a four-player co-op action title that sees players team up to stop a global terrorist organization from eliminating mankind.