Learn The World of Dark Souls With New Trailer

From Software wasn’t very forthcoming with the story of Demon’s Souls. At the beginning of the game, the player wasn’t given much information besides the fact that some mysterious fog had corrupted the land; the rest of the story had to be acquired through character interaction. Dark Souls looks like it will be structured in a similar manner, however a trailer was released today that should clear up some of the fogginess.

From Software is releasing a series of prologue videos to give some background to the world of Dark Souls. Part one begins in the “Age of Ancients when the world was unformed.” Apparently, the land was covered in fog and grey ash and was littered with “arch trees” and stone dragons. Then, fire comes from somewhere and this creates a disparity in an otherwise homogeneous environment. “Then from the dark, they came and found the souls of lords within the flame.” I don’t know what to make of that last line, either. Check out the trailer below and stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we bring you the rest of the series.