PS3’s Aging Hardware is Limiting Call of Duty Says Sledgehammer CEO

The Call of Duty series may be the best selling franchise in recent times, but plenty of gamers reckon that it hasn’t changed much over the past few releases. Many are quick to say that it’s the fault of the developer, but it appears that the developer is blaming the hardware.

Glen Shofield, CEO of Sledgehammer Games, had a lot to say to GameTrailers about the development of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and among them were his concerns of current-generation console hardware limiting its potential. During a face-to-face interview this week, Glen stated:

We have so many ideas that don’t get into the game.

He continued:

Some things are just too big for the consoles that we have right now. We always want to throw in one more tank in there or 10 more different types of enemies. There’s a lot more that we can add but we have a long way to go.

The PlayStation 3 released nearly five years ago, and in that time technology has improved substantially. In terms of graphics processing alone, the PS3 is using architecture that is now four series behind what is globally available on the market for a reasonable price. Sony argues that a successor to the PS3 won’t be revealed until the PS3’s power has been fully utilized, but several developers are already having to make compromises to release a product that has stable frame-rate. Heck, even Sony recently surrendered after a four-year battle of trying to implement Cross Game Chat, ditching the idea and throwing it onto the upcoming Vita instead. Whether it be the HD DVD format of the Xbox 360, or the 256mb of system memory on the PS3, current consoles are becoming more of a challenge as time goes on and development teams have larger visions for their product.

Would a new PlayStation console really be the correct move right now, and more specifically, would it allow the Call of Duty series to evolve? Let us know what you think in the comments below.