Sony Unhappy With UK PS3 Sales, “We Have to do Better”

In the United States, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 reigns supreme with an install base that dwarfs the PlayStation 3. However, in Europe it is the complete opposite, with the PlayStation 3 serving as the console of choice. That is why it has become quite unsettling for Sony to see PS3 sales in the UK rather low in comparison to the 360.

In an interview with MCV, Sony’s European head Jim Ryan has expressed his excitement for the positive effect the recent price drop will have on the less than stellar sales in the UK.

This is something we have been planning for a while. Getting to £199 is fantastic in the UK. It’s a real milestone. UK is one of the territories where we have to do better. If you look across the PAL territory, where typically we outsell our competitors by around 50 per cent on a weekly basis, it’s inverted in the UK. That is something we want to address.

He admitted the sales weren’t sluggish because of the poor economy:

It’s somewhat the case but I wouldn’t seek to lay it all at the door of those problems. We have similarly challenged economies in other territories in the world where our business is particularly vibrant.

Ryan remained positive that the new price would he an important step for Sony:

History has shown us that once you get to £199 you hit lift off. We can do some serious business and this kick-starts that. Getting to £199 was a defining moment for the PSone and PS2 – this will be no different.

Will the price cut be enough to give Sony the edge it so desperately needs in the UK? Let us know what you think in the comments below.