Witcher 2 Developer “Would Like to See the Game on PlayStation”

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was originally a PC exclusive, but now has a 360 version in the works. Marek Ciemak, a developer at CD Projekt, has shared some details that hint at the critically acclaimed RPG arriving on PS3 sometime in the future.

Speaking in regards to a PS3 version of Witcher 2, Ciemec told NowGamer:

Sure we would like to see the game on PlayStation and we’d like to deliver it to those players. But we can’t do everything at the same time and it’s a little more difficult than the Xbox version for us. Maybe if we have more manpower it would be a little bit easier.

He continued:

We really like PlayStation as players and the team, we all love the console, but it’s more a business decision and how much we can carry right now at this moment. We can’t do everything at the same time.

It appears that CD Project’s studio lacking the manpower is the main factor contributing to Witcher 2 initially bypassing PlayStation. Hopefully, after CD Projects ships the 360 build, they can begin working on the PS3 version.