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Resistance 3 Journal Locations Guide (Audio, Text, Malikov Journals)

Resistance 3 is littered with journals that provide extra backstory and information about the Chimera, the human struggle against them, and more. Use our Resistance 3 Journal Guide to obtain all of the game’s journals.

You’ll need to collect all the journals in the game for the Achivalist Trophy. More details can be found in our Resistance 3 Trophy Guide (click here).

Below are all of the journal locations (text, audio and Malikov journals) in the order of which they appear.

Haven, OK

Chapter 1

  • Feral Vs. Military (Text) – At the very start of the game, this journal is located next to Joseph Capelli’s wife, Susan.
  • Postcard from Bogota (Text) – As you head to the firing range, you’ll notice a woman sweeping. The journal is on the bed just to her right.

Chapter 2

  • Bite Protocol (Text) – At the start of chapter 2, this journal is located in the room next to where you start.
  • Note to Jon Harper (Text) – Look for a desk with a chalkboard next to it, it’s located on the desk. This is also at the start of chapter 2.
  • Leaper Bite (Audio) – In chapter 2, when you see your very first drop ship, you know you’re in the area. Kill off the Chimera and enter a house through the garage. Go up the stairs to locate the journal on the bed.

Chapter 5

  • Change in Strategy (Malikov) – In chapter 5, you can find this journal at the front of the boat.
  • Ice Blocks (Text) – Also on the boat by the First Aid Kit you’ll find this journal on a box.

St. Louis, MO

Chapter 6

  • A Tragic Paradox (Malikov) – It’s on top of one of the trains in the Trainyard next to some ammo.
  • Staying Warm (Audio) – Between the northern-most train cars you’ll find some stacks of hay. Jump on them and enter a hole in the fance to find a tucked away area. The journal will be on a mattress on the ground.
  • VTOL Manual (Text) – After you take the elevator up into the tower, in the area where you and Malikov see the VTOL, look for the journal on a nearby mattress.
  • Gotta Get Out (Text) – After carabining down the zipline into a building, look for the journal on a shelf.
  • Quarantine (Audio) – Once you drop into the office room and the grims begin attacking, you can find the journal on a desk nearby.
  • Safety Violation (Text) – Once the catwalk is lowered proceed toward the exit. Located another broken catwalk and jump across to find this text journal.
  • It’s Just Me Now (Audio) – On a table in the room with the mannequins right after you exit the factory.
  • Girl’s Best Friend (Audio) – In the room where you acquire the Deadeye.
  • Letter to Santa (Text) – After you pick up the Deadeye, cross the platform to the house. Look for for a room with a couch that has a lamp on it, the journal is next to the lamp.

Chapter 7

  • Tunguska (Malikov) – After defending the pub, you’ll enter the sewers with your new friends. There’s a small path that leads to a room. The journal is on the table.

Chapter 8

  • The Hale Vaccine (Text) – After your turn carrying the Power Core and you make it into the safe house. Put down the Power Core and search a for a box near a pool table. The journal is there.

Chapter 9

  • Mass Exodus (Malikov) – After protecting Charlie in the first building, move across into a massive structure where you’ll encounter a dozen or so Long-Legs. Once you clear the majority of them out, continue on until you find stairs leading to the top of the structure. Before you proceed up th stairs, follow a separate path around to an area adjacent to the stairs. The journal lays on the ground.

Mt. Pleasant, PA

Chapter 10

  • Just a Little Nap (Audio) – Once you make your way past the first area with the snipers and find the first mine shaft, the audio journal is on the floor.
  • Journey to Hanover (Text) – In the mines where you encounter Shield Drones and Hybrids, keep searching the dead end passages to find the journal resting on a small box.
  • Cooling Towers (Malikov) – This is in the same mine as the Journey to Hanover journal, but in a different path. Keep searching, you’ll find it on your way up a small hill.
  • God’s Will (Text) – Look for a “Tunnel Ahead” sign to the left of the bridge where you get the Wildfire and fight the dropship.

Chapter 11

  • Satan (Text) – In the first section of the town filled with Grim, go through the southern most house. Go up the ladder and before go through the metal door into the next area you can find this journal on a small table.
  • Pure Chimera (Malikov) – In the church attic, you can find the journal on the floor near a large hole.

Chapter 12

  • Desperation (Malikov) – While running from the “Satan” Chimera in the tunnels. After you lift the beams the “Satan” will appear and you must run to your left. The door leads to a large room with stairs, under the stairs is a dark path which leads to the journal.
  • Who’s Boss (Audio) – When you begin hunting for “Satan” in the water-filled portion of the mines, head toward the dead end of the passage to find the Audio journal beside some health and ammo on the floor.

Graterford, PA

Chapter 15

  • Letter to Mom #1 (Text) – After you’re let out of your cell, look for a secret path behind the cells to locate the journal.
  • Letter to Mom #2 (Text) – Once in the showers, head left until you find a hole in the wall that leads to pipes. The journal will be on the floor.
  • Letter to Mom #3 (Text) – Head to the northeast corner on the second floor of Cellblock B to find a journal on a mattress in a cell.
  • Letter to Mom #4 (Text) – After disabling the drone in Cellblock B, the doors open back to the main area. Find the journal on the desk on the left side of the hallway.
  • Letter to Mom #5 (Text) – After defending the sniper onslaught in the cafeteria. Find a boarded up doorway on the eastern wall. Smash through it with the Sledgehammer to find the letter.

Chapter 16

  • Letter to Mom #6 (Text) – Once out of the water-filled section of the pit, the journal will lay on the ground right in your path. You can’t miss it.
  • Can You Hear Them? (Malikov) – After fighting the hoardes of grims and leeches, go through the door and look on the ground to locate this journal.
  • Letter to Mom #7 (Text) – Go to the northeastern most garage in the Motorpool area. Climb the ladder to a platform where you’ll find the journal on a box.

New York, NY

Chapter 17

  • They Are Coming (Malikov) – The journal is on the ledge just before you take the zipline down.
  • Six Bullets (Audio) – Before taking down the shield gate, check all of the structures for a building with sniper ammo. In the back room the journal is on a table.
  • Bad Idea (Audio) – Cross the Subway tracks to find the journal next to a dead soldier, right as you enter the Subway area.

Chapter 18

  • Particle Smashing (Text) – Right when chapter 18 begins, the journal will be next to a dead soldier on the ground.
  • Blood Bath (Audio) – Cross the C130’s wing into a dark building. The journal is in a kitchen right before getting in the elevator shaft.
  • Fall Back (Audio) – Before taking on the first Stalker, look for a downed helicopter. The journal is inside.

Chapter 19

  • Gray Matter (Malikov) – After Charlie tells you to take the right side and you split up, you can find the journal on a table before riding the platform up to the next area.

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