Resistance 3 Trophy Guide

Calm Under Pressure (Bronze) Defeat the Brawler in the Post Office in under 2 minutes.

-Target the Brawler’s weak spots with the Bullseye tag and continue firing. You’ll have to tag each area. Throw grenades to get the job done more quickly, but Bullseye will do just fine.

Snipe Hunt (Bronze)Collect all Deadeye rifles without dying while fighting the Widowmaker in St. Louis.

– The hard part is not dying. Set it to Casual difficulty, and just run around and collect all of the Deadeye rifles. Sprint the entire time to avoid damage by the Widowmaker.

Roops! (Bronze) Knock a Hybrid off the cliffs in Mt. Pleasant, PA.

– During The Hunt Chapter in Mt. Pleasant, PA, directly after you come out of a mineshaft, Malikov will say “Joseph I see you. I’m at the far side of the bridge across the river”. There will be Hybrids with their backs to you around the corner to your right. To your immediate left, there is a cliff. Lure the Hybrids back toward the cliff, equip the Rossmore. Turn and blast them off the cliff. This may take a few tries. Keep dying and starting over if it doesn’t work the first time.

Frickin’ Laser Beams (Bronze)Get to the first mineshaft without being hit by sniper fire.

– Stay crouched and walk slow. Use the Auger to see the heat profiles of where snipers are. In the second part of the stage, the snipers are too far out of the way for the Auger to work. Look for the blast roots and shoot them with the Deadeye. Most of the time this will kill the sniper as well. The sniper in the second section all the way to the right is the most difficult to reach. Stay in the house so you’re protected, and keep the Deadeye cocked and aimed. Fire using the Deadeye’s alt fire (R2) to ensure a one hit kill. If you get hit, die and start over.

Vehicular Manslaughter (Bronze)Destroy 10 Warden vehicles.

– Keep unloading rounds into any and all Warden vehicles you see. Be sure to use the Carbine’s alt fire, and the Wildfire if you have ammo.

Hello Driver (Bronze)Kill 5 drivers without destroying their vehicle.

– Carbine or DeadEye works best, time your shots carefully. Don’t try for the Vehicular Manslaughter trophy at the same time as this.

BARF! (Bronze)Make 6 Wardens puke at the same time in the prison.

-Use the Mutator’s alt fire in a crowd of Warden.

One Eyed Jack (Bronze)Find and kill ‘Jack’ in Graterford Prison.

– One Eyed Jack isn’t an enemy or a person. He’s a “Jack in the box” Sock puppet thingy. You locate him in the sewers under the prison. Here’s a video showing how to find him:





No Escape (Bronze)Destroy all Warden vehicles in the motor pool.

– In the Motorpool area, while the Wardens are under attack by Chimera, shoot and destroy all of the Warden’s vehicles.

In This Together (Bronze)Defeat the Widowmaker in Times Square without killing a single Hybrid.

– The Widowmaker will focus its attention on the Chimera Hybrids most of the time. Use this to your advantage. Once the Widowmaker has cleared out the Hybrids, a drop ship will bring more, and you may have to switch sides. Stay as far away from the Hyrbids as possible so they focus on the Widowmaker and leave you alone. Keep tagging and firing at the Widowmaker until it’s dead.

Good Fences (Bronze)Don’t allow any counter-attackers into the Washington Square base.

– Ward off all attacks and don’t let any counter-attackers into Washington Square base. A lot more difficult than it sounds. Rely heavily on the Marksman alt fire (fully upgraded), the Deadeye, the Auger, and Wildfire. Set it to Casual difficulty and unload all your alt fire ammo, grenades, etc.

Medusa (Bronze)Freeze 5 enemies at once and destroy them with a blast of the Cryogun’s alt fire.

– Best done on a group of Grims. Simply freeze as many as possible in one tight area, and then use R2 to blast and shatter the enemies.

Bull in a China Shop (Bronze)Freeze and melee kill 3 Ravagers.

– In the Subway area of chapter 17, freeze each Ravager then melee to shatter them.

Bodycount (Bronze)Kill 1000 enemies.

– Keep playing campaign and this will happen over time.

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