Tokyo Game Show Will be Without a Guardian

There will be a lot of games showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, but perhaps one of the most anticipated games will be absent from the show, as Team ICO’s long-awaited The Last Guardian, will not be at the show. Sony Computer Entertainment America associate product marketing manager Brian Dunn confirmed the game’s absence on the PS Blog.

We wanted to confirm that The Last Guardian is not on the schedule for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. However we can assure you that Ueda-san and the rest of the development team are hard at work to bring his lofty vision to life and deliver the very best gaming experience possible.

While we wait for The Last Guardian to finally release, you can pick up The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, which is set to release later this month on the PlayStation 3.

What do you readers think of this lengthy development time and when do you expect we will finally see The Last Guardian on PS3?