A “Very, Very Interesting” Online Feature Planned For Hitman Absolution

IO Interactive’s Hitman series has always been renowned for its stellar single-player gameplay experience, but the latest installment in the franchise, Hitman Absolution, has something ‘very, very interesting’ planned in regards to an online feature.

IO Interactive producer Hakan Abrak told the folks at Eurogamer:

I want to say we do have something very, very interesting coming up in Hitman: Absolution on the online side. We’re not ready to talk about it right now. Hitman is an assassin who works alone, but you never know in what form or in what way we could give you an online experience.

Abrak added:

It’s unfortunately not something I can talk about right now, but I can say, in the story part, Agent 47 definitely works alone.

Ever since Hitman‘s inception in 2000, developer IO Interactive hasn’t integrated any sort of multiplayer component, even in the game’s offline mode. This will indeed remain the case for Absolution‘s story, as Abrak stressed above.

Hitman Absolution is currently scheduled for a launch in 2012.