Dark Souls Collector’s Edition in Short Supply

If you were planning on picking up the collector’s edition of Dark Souls, I’ve got some bad news for you. It looks like online retailer Newegg didn’t receive a single copy of this limited edition and Best Buy didn’t get enough to keep up with all of their pre-orders.

Namco Bandai clearly underestimated consumers’ desire for the collector’s edition. According to a report from Co-optimus, those that opted to go to either Best Buy or Newegg for the game are out of luck.

Fortunately, if you did try to get the game through either retailer they’re doing their best to make it up to you. Everyone who pre-ordered the game through Newegg will get a $20 gift card ,and Best Buy customers will also receive the same offer if the store has already run out of collector’s editions.

This is a huge blunder on the part of the publisher, and both From Software and the consumer have every right to be upset with how this has turned out. Though, if you managed to score yourself a copy, it’s sure to be worth quite a bit.