DICE Predicts Battlefield 3 Will “Put a Huge Dent” in Modern Warfare 3 Marketshare

The battle for first person shooter supremacy will be heating up this holiday season, with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 both releasing within two weeks of each other. DICE producer Patrick Liu has shared some details stating that Battlefield 3’s main objective is to be the best game it can possibly be, so much so, that the game will take a large portion of the shooter market away from the Call of Duty franchise.

Speaking in regards to the Battlefield 3, Liu told SPOnG:

From what I’ve seen of Modern Warfare 3 it looks great, as usual. I think we’re going to put a huge dent, so to speak, in [Activision’s] market. But they’re a behemoth. It’s not easy to move them… although I believe that we have already done that, with Battlefield 3’s campaign so far. But at the same time, from a developer standpoint, we really focus on creating our own game and making the best that we can. We set the bar quite high for ourselves, and that’s usually the biggest challenge for us.

He added:

I know that the game is never actually done – we can always improve the game. We have lots of ideas on how to improve this, so if we could we would push Battlefield 3 back a year or two maybe. But that wouldn’t make any sense. So the biggest challenge is really our own requirements for ourselves.

The internet is buzzing with Battlefield 3 fans seemingly in a state of disarray, claiming that the beta is currently plagued with bugs and glitches. Hopefully, DICE can make good on their promises come release day. Battlefield 3 will hit store shelves on October 28th, with Modern Warfare 3 following on November 8th.