Time Travelers No Longer 3DS Exclusive, Coming to Vita and PSP

Little is known about the upcoming portable title by the team at Level-5, but considering the developer’s impressive pedigree, Time Travelers is likely to be an awesome title. Up until now, Nintendo fans were able tout the fact that the game is headed exclusively to the 3DS, but according to a recent report, both of Sony’s handhelds will be seeing the game as well.

The news broke in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang) and should have Sony fans very excited. With the ever growing list of impressive titles headed to the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s upcoming portable is getting harder and harder to resist.

There’s certainly not going to be a shortage of games for the platform, and with so many developers getting acquainted with the tech so early on, it’s only going to be easier for developers to craft new and better experiences in the future.

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