Vita Games Will Get PSN Download Same Day as Retail Release

Sony’s first attempt at going all digital with the PSPgo was nothing short of a disaster. Although there were many hurdles the disc-less system faced, one of the biggest issues consumers took with the PSPgo, was the fact that not all retail releases were made available digitally. And if they were, the digital release was sometimes weeks after the retail version hit store shelves. Sony says this won’t be the case with the PlayStation Vita.

During GDC Online, Sony’s Chris Norden confirmed that any retail released PlayStation Vita title will be released digitally over PSN on the very same day.

This is in-part due to the fact that developers can submit their final Vita game code in one file format for release on both PSN and at retail, whereas the PS3 has separate file formats for PSN and retail releases.

It appears that Sony has learned strong lessons from the PSPgo, and is working to remedy them for the release of the PlayStation Vita.