The Brotherhood Lights the Path in the Darkness

Normally, having light on the path ahead is a good thing, but it’s just the opposite when you’re infused with a demonic power known as the Darkness. Unfortunately for Jackie Estacado, his new worst enemies are well aware of that fact.

The Darkness II is doing what any good sequel does – upping the ante by adding new challenges and scenarios, while fine tuning the core elements that made the original a fun game. We’ve already seen how Jackie’s dark powers are being given a major booster with quad wielding, but it wouldn’t be any fun unless tougher enemies are in the way to use them on. While the mob from the original was basically fodder standing in the way of Jackie’s demonic tentacles, his new foes are far more prepared for the battle at hand. The Brotherhood is coming for Jackie, they want his powers, and they know his weaknesses as can be seen while the wield not only guns, but lamps and flashlights too. Digital Extremes has released a new trailer, where a shifty little man gives us some insight on the Brotherhood, and how they’re a force to be reckoned with.


The Darkness II is seeing some serious improvements in what seems to be every aspect of the game. The new artistic direction, improvements to combat, and new enemies with upgraded combat strategies all make make it stand out in the ever flooded FPS category. It looks like the Brotherhood will be no pushover, and that should make it all the more glorious when bringing brutal violence to their midsections with demon arms and darklings at our side.

The Darkness II is currently scheduled to engulf stores in February 2012.