Praise the Sun, Dark Souls to Receive More Patches

No, not Patches the Hyena, but actual game fixes. Dark Souls released two weeks ago to high critical praise and even scored a 9/10 here on PSLS. Unfortunately, its high difficulty wasn’t the only thing making life hard, as it came with quite a few bugs, the most serious of which involved frame rate drops and connection issues. FromSoftware is, however, aware of these issues and the developers are working hard to remedy them.

A FromSoftware representative revealed online that the development team is working on more patches for Dark Souls. Among the details given are those addressing the uses of magic and items, rebalancing of weapons, player matching conditions, and the loading when changing maps.

Although Dark Souls released with a day one patch here in the US, it didn’t take care of everything, and some players have had some difficulty connecting online, with others being able to exploit the game to cheat. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for full details of the patches later this week.