PlayStation Vita Survey Hints at Low Cost Downloads Vs. Full Price Retail

October 21, 2011Written by Anthony Severino

In Japan, Sony is offering some the digital download version of PlayStation Vita titles at a lower cost. Still being months away from the February 22nd launch in the west, there haven’t been any similar plans outlined for markets outside of Japan. But a new survey that Sony is sending around to PlayStation Network users may shed some light on the situation.

In the survey, Sony is pitching a variety of pricing models for PlayStation Vita retail games, as well as a lower-cost digital download counterpart to be made available in the PlayStation Store. In this first image, Sony is asking users to weigh in if they’d prefer a lower-cost digital version, or pay the full price and receive some type of incentive –  a PSN $ credit in your wallet.

Next, users were asked to compare different pricing models – some have the downloadable version being less than retail (pictured below), while others offered the PSN credit plus free access to future DLC, or best of all significant–as low as $14.99 for Vita games–discounts for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Other options include:

Physical copy: $39.99

Download: $39.99 + $20 credit to PSN wallet (PS+ only) and future DLC

Physical copy: $49.99

Download: $49.99 + $25 credit to PSN wallet (PS+ only) and future DLC

Physical copy: $39.99

Download: $14.99 (PS+ only via pre-order)

The survey continued on the same path, asking questions about pricing of Vita games.

While this isn’t a confirmation that such discounts will be applied to PlayStation Vita titles, it does appear that Sony is at least considering such a pricing model. If Sony does go forward with such a program, which would you choose? And would a discount get you to buy digital over retail? Let us know in the comments or sound off in our forums.