Famitsu’s Vita FAQ Answers Burning Questions

Most of you probably have plenty of questions about the Vita, its functionality, and what peripherals it can use.  Thankfully, Japanese magazine Famitsu has a Vita FAQ in its latest issue that answers some big questions many of you might have.

The major tidbit found was about “Game Archives,” which we can only think means older games. The FAQ says that “archive” titles cannot be played on the Vita at time of the launch, hinting that this is something that could come later. A few other things from the FAQ include:

  • Sony is looking into a method of allowing PSP owners to carry their save data over to the Vita.
  • Sony will offer a “Portable Charger,” a battery which offers double the capacity of the system’s built in battery.
  • The system’s web browser supports Java, HTML5, cookies, and so-forth. It does not support Flash. However, this is just initial functionality.
  • As the Vita does not use Memory Stick or SD Card, if you want to transfer your music and images from PSP to Vita you’ll need to go through PC or PS3.
  • The system’s brightness level setting is not step-based — you can make gradual adjustments.
  • You can put the system into sleep mode by quickly pressing the power button. Outside of sleep mode, you can temporarily suspend the current game by pressing the PS Button, which takes you to the game’s Live Arena. You can then use such functionality as PS Store, friend lists, photos and so forth. If you want to boot up another game or the video player, though, you’ll need to exit the current game.

On top of the FAQ, Famitsu also posted responses to 50 questions that potential buyers might have about the system and here are the biggest questions and answers.

Required Peripherals

Famitsu says that a Memory Card is pretty much a requirement, as some games will require the card. Games that require a card can’t even be booted up if you don’t have one.

External Video Out

The system does not have external video out.

PS3 Connectivity

Memory Card data management and Trophy sharing. You can also view video and music via Remote Play. PS3’s Torne DVR device can also be used once you’ve updated its firmware.

PSP Software Compatibility

You can up the visual quality through bilinear filtering. This can be toggled on and off.

Use of PSP and PS3 Peripherals

The system cannot use PSP and PS3 peripherals

Internal Software

At shipment time, you can use the following built in apps or functions: Welcome Park (introduces you to the controls), Party (a chatting app that can be used in games), Photo & Camera, Music, Video, Near (a social app for interacting with other Vita systems in your area), Browser, Group Messaging, Friend, Trophy, PS Store, Remote Play, Content Management and Settings.

Parental Controls

For 3G, content will be filtered by default. If you want this feature turned off, you have to fill out some paperwork at the NTT DoCoMo shop.

GPS Without a 3G Contract

You can still use GPS, but 3G can acquire positional information faster.

Current 3G Usage

You can check your current 3G usage through an app called “Network Operator.”

Wi-Fi VS 3G

The system will first attempt to connect via Wi-Fi. If no Wi-Fi connection is found, it will connect through 3G. While connected through 3G, even if the system later finds a Wi-Fi hotspot, it will not automatically switch.

Hopefully this solves some concerns or questions that many of you might have.