Sony Says There Will Be No PlayStation Vita Shortages

With the original PlayStation having launched back in 1994, Sony has a lot of experience with launching consoles, but has always seemed to stumble when trying to provide enough systems to sell to customers. As Sony’s next big system, there were fears that the PlayStation Vita would suffer the same problem when it releases in December for Japan and in February for virtually the rest of the world – but Sony is confident that they’ll be able to meet demand.

Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller told AllThingsD that the Vita launch will be different, saying:

We’ve increased production materially since E3. We learned our lesson to make sure you have enough product.

One way Sony will be able to handle demand is to stagger the Vita’s release, offering a special bundle in the US one week before the full February 22nd release date. Not only does the bundle tempt gamers to buy the higher priced 3G model, but it will also satisfy the demands of hardcore Vita fans before the full-blown launch.