63% of PlayStation 3 Owners Will buy a Vita, According to Sony Survey

With its official release set for February, the Vita will miss the lucrative holiday season, but this delay won’t be too detrimental to sales, according to a Sony survey.

According to the Sony report, 63% of PlayStation 3 owners have pre-ordered a Vita, or plan to buy a PS Vita within 18 months of launch. In addition, 60% of PlayStation Portable owners will upgrade.

Missing this year’s holiday season will apparently work in Sony’s favor, as it means they will be able to meet demand. John Koller, Sony’s PlayStation director of hardware marketing, said:

Sony has learned a lesson to make sure you have enough products.

Mr. Koller told AllThingsD that, during the PSP’s launch, the handheld sold over one million units within its first week, despite releasing in March. With a huge number of developers backing up the PlayStation Vita, Sony is confident that their handheld will have a great launch.

The PlayStation Vita releases on February 22nd, but you can get it a week earlier with the First Edition Bundle.