Step into the Blob with Chris McQuinn of DrinkBox Studios

To discuss DrinkBox Studios’ latest game, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, we chatted to Chris McQuinn about the upcoming PlayStation Vita downloadable title. Check out the full interview below to learn all there is to know about being a blob.

Did you ever expect Tales from Space: About a Blob to be such a hit?

Well, I think you’re being a bit generous there, but generally we were pretty happy with the reviews for the game, especially given that it’s the first title released by the studio. There was a ton we learned from AAB that we’re already applying to Mutant Blobs Attacks with respect to getting the word out that we have this awesome game.

What did you learn from About a Blob that you are incorporating in Mutant Blobs Attack?

Tons. The funny thing about releasing a game is that you undergo this huge QA process where the general public is now providing feedback as to what is awesome and what sucks (we love feedback, so always feel free to let us know). The controller scheme in the original AAB definitely had a pretty high learning curve so we’ve decided to simplify that experience by reducing the number of buttons required (don’t worry, overall gameplay is harder). We also learned that people really do love to grow, and love to eat people, and love to destroy the world. Therefore, the emphasis on eating and growing is a major focus in Mutant Blobs Attack.

What are the biggest differences between the two?

Well, the biggest difference in my mind is that the game will be on the VITA, meaning we have all these fun new input devices available for the Blob. The touch screen on the Vita really allows us to immerse the player into the Blob’s world by allowing them to directly interact with platforms, objects, etc. Combining this with classic controls of a platformer results in a unique experience that gamers really haven’t been exposed to. Another big difference is the Blob. The Blob in MBA has been mutated, so has a chip on the shoulder, one might even say he’s a bit of an a-hole.

How has development been on the Vita? Would you say it is harder than developing on the PSN?

Developing for the Vita has been easier than expected, in fact I might even say a pleasure. The pre-release hardware has worked quite well and that the development environment has been pretty solid.

What are your thoughts on the Vita and how it stacks up compared to smartphones and the 3DS?

I think it stacks up pretty well on a few aspects of comparison. The price point of the initial Vita launch is pretty enticing, lower than I think a bunch of us expected. With that said, the device certainly packs a lot of power under the hood. The screen looks amazing – this was the first aspect of the device I noticed when we got Mutant Blobs Attack up and running on it. Colors really pop out. As a customer I think I’d also be pretty happy seeing the strong effort Sony is making to ensure there are a sufficient number of good titles at launch. Just don’t try making a phone call on the Vita.

What is your favorite thing about being a blob?

Eating people. For sure. Oh, and eating cows. Wait, no, that’s blowing up cows.

What is the hardest part about getting your blob to feel and move like a blob?

Well you see, the Blob is a tricky little beast. The challenge is to figure out how to ensure the Blob moves in a manner that is enjoyable from a gameplay experience, while still letting players have the feeling that they’re a Blob. This means a lot of tuning with speed, acceleration, and especially the “goop” factor.

About a Blob was released early for PS Plus subscribers. Will you be implementing any perks for subscribers on Mutant Blobs Attack?

That’s a great question. Unfortunately, we’re still figuring out the specifics of release. With that said, we’re suckers for package deals and perks, so that is a definite possibility.

Will Mutant Blobs Attack feature any multiplayer options?

Sadly there won’t be any multiplayer on Mutant Blobs Attack but happily we will have online leaderboards, so you WILL be able to let your friends know you’re better than them.

Will players be able to take their saved data from the Vita to the PS3?

The initial release of the game will be Vita only, that’s where 100% of our focus currently is. We hope to eventually put out a PS3 version, and if/when we do we will be looking at the cloud save system – we’d like to support it. How’s that for a non-committal answer?

Is Mutant Blobs Attack pub-funded just like About a Blob?

Mutant Blobs Attack is funded completely by the studio itself, and by our moms. They each pitched in 5 bucks.

You have 5 words, describe Mutant Blobs Attack!

Nom, Nom, Nom, Grow, Destroy.

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