Dark Souls Ships 1.5 Million

Gamers nowadays get a bad rap for being soft, and not liking difficult games, with the addition of short checkpoints, and unlimited continues doing a good job reinforcing that statement. Looking at the latest sales figures for Dark Souls, that sentiment may be changing.

According to From Software, 1.5 million copies of Dark Souls have shipped worldwide, with 620,000 of those units being shipped to North America. Now, these aren’t Call of Duty numbers, but considering Demon Souls only sold 1.3 million, these are extraordinarily impressive numbers.

  • Japan: Released on 9/22, 370,000 shipped
  • North America: Released on 10/4, 620,000 shipped
  • Europe: Released on 10/7, 470,000 shipped
  • Asia: Released on 10/18, 40,000 shipped

With Dark Souls producing these number in just under a month, it should be interesting to see how the game does for the rest of the year.