Naughty Dog Discusses Restraint Within Storytelling

November 11, 2011Written by Alex Osborn

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is hands-down one of the best single player experiences this generation, but the combat and the platforming aren’t the only reason that the game has earned it this level of recognition, it’s also renowned for its storytelling. Naughty Dog is a master of this craft and recently shared the philosophy behind their approach.

At an NYU lecture, Richard Lemarchand of Naughty Dog shared some insight into how to tell a great story within a video game.

As game creators, we put up too much front in our creations and we don’t make ourselves nearly vulnerable enough. I think our audience senses this, and they emotionally withdraw from our games.

I’m not calling for us to get soppy and overwrought. We human beings are also fascinated and impressed by nuance and restraint. We have to get in better touch with our emotions and become more adept at portraying them in detail… with restraint, clarity and above all, vulnerability.

I think that we owe it to our audience of players to really dig deep, and tell some stories worth playing.

If you’ve had a chance to experience Uncharted 3, then you’re certainly aware of how powerful subtlety can be when executed properly.