Over a Million People Have Been Caught in LIMBO

After a full year of exclusivity, LIMBO found its way onto the PlayStation 3 this past July. Innovation has been a rare quality this generation, but LIMBO was full of it, and its stylized presentation along with its smart move to Sony’s platform has helped propel it to a major sales milestone.

Playdead CEO Dino Patti has announced that sales for his team’s one and only game, LIMBO, have broken the one-million mark. His Twitter post states:

LIMBO has sold over 1 million copies!

It isn’t often that you see a game as artistic as LIMBO sell in the millions, especially those only available through download. Playdead is currently working on another title, which is rumored to be a side-scroller like LIMBO which runs on the same engine. Dino Patti stated earlier in the year that the development cycle will take a few years, so we’ll be waiting until the end of this generation or the beginning of the next to see what creative ingenuity they have in-store.