The King of Fighters XIII – Trophy Guide

If you want to be The King of Trophy Hunters and platinum The King of Fighters XIII, our trophy guide will help you unlock all 33 bronze, 11 silver and 2 gold trophies in the game, as well as that all-important platinum trophy.

Let’s see what you’ve got… (Bronze) – Clear STORY.

Pick the Story mode and just finish it with any choice or team. Make sure you win every match or else you will have to restart from the beginning.

Do you understand now? (Silver) – Complete STORY.

Completing the story means getting all of the story photos. You simply need to pick and play in every path first, then, in any of the paths try to lose against Saiki (beast mode).

Also try to mix teams up in every path to unlock some other photos.

Show me what humans are made of…  (Bronze) – Perform 10 Target Actions (Arcade)

See ” What’s wrong?

What’s wrong? (Silver) – Perform 300 Target Actions (Arcade)

Target actions can be done in arcade mode only, they are the missions you see below your HP.

For example:

  • Jump 3 times
  • Roll 3 times

Strength! (Bronze) – Hit 100 times using Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)

Special moves are moves that require you to do a special input on the joystick like quick circle forward (QCF) + punch (projectile). Simply keep playing, and keep doing the moves until you unlock the trophy.

Spinning! (Bronze)  – Hit 100 times using EX Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)

EX special moves are done by using a special move plus two punch or two kick buttons. It will use one special move bar and the character will have blue aura burst out of him.

Yahoooo! (Bronze) – Hit 100 times using Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)

Super Special moves are the moves that use a power gauge. You only need to hit the player with those even if they block it (projectiles or grabs for blocks only)

Yeeeeaaah! (Bronze) – Hit 100 times using EX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)

EX Super Special moves are super moves but with two punch or two kick buttons. So perform the normal super special move but with two buttons this time (punch or kick depending on the move).

Hey! (Bronze) – Hit 100 times using NEO MAX Super Special Moves (Arcade, Versus)

NEO MAX are the ultra special moves and they use three power bars or two power bars plus two HD bars.

Yay! Perfect! (Bronze)  – Perform 10 Perfect Victories (Arcade, Versus)

You can do this in arcade or in versus. Just win with a perfect 10 times.

Hmph… this is only natural. (Bronze) – Get 10 straight wins (Arcade, Versus)

Just win ten times in arcade or versus. Make sure it’s ten in a row though.

Play time is over! (Bronze) – Perform 50 Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)

Kill the player with a super special move 50 times. It has to kill the player for this to count.

This is best done in 1v1 using two controllers – just set the handicap to lvl 5 and then use it when the player has 20% hp left.

And the final blow…! (Bronze) – Get 50 NEO MAX Super Special Moves Finishes (Arcade, Versus)

Kill the player with the NEO MAX move. It has to kill him for this to count.

This is best done in 1v1 using two controllers – just set the handicap to lvl 5 and then use it when the player has 40% hp left.

Come back later! (Bronze) – Perform 50 Drive Cancels (Arcade, Versus)

A Drive cancel is when you perform a move and then cancel it out with another move.

For example, perform a special move and cancel it out with another move.

If done correctly, you will see the word “Drive Cancel” on the side.

Mission Complete! (Bronze) – Perform 50 Super Cancels (Arcade, Versus)

Super cancels can be done after a normal special move. Perform a normal special move and then cancel it out with a super special move.

The move has to connect first before canceling it. If done correctly, then you will see “Super Cancel” on the side of the screen.

Piece of cake! (Bronze) – Perform 50 HD Cancels (Arcade, Versus)

HD cancels can be performed when your player is in HD state, meaning you need to first press HP (High Punch)+LK (Low Kick) and your player will become yellow.

Then, perform a normal move and cancel it out with an EX move.

The fastest method is to pick Ralf in a 1v1, set handicap to LVL 5 and just use his QCB+HP and cancel it with QCB+HP+LP (Low Punch). If performed correctly you will see HD cancel written on the side.

Heheh. Not bad. (Bronze) – Perform 50 MAX Cancels (Arcade, Versus)

Max cancel is when you cancel a super special move with a NEO MAX. The easiest method is to play a 1v1 set, handicap it to LVL 5 and then press HP+LK to go in HD state (yellow player). Perform a super special and cancel it with NEO MAX. Requires 3 power bars plus 2 HD bars.

Time will soon turn to ashes… (Bronze)  – Get an S at the victory screen

See “After all, you’re just trash

After all, you’re just trash. (Bronze) – Get an SS at the victory screen

This should come without even trying. Play arcade and just Hammer the CPU with moves and it will come normally.

The better you play the higher rank you get. Getting perfects – finishing with a super special or NEO max etc.

You’re not so bad! (Bronze) – Complete the tutorial

Pick Tutorial and just finish it.

It’s about time to start! (Bronze) – Register an icon, team and message in Customize

Go to Customization and just place an icon team and message for your profile.

Here I come, buddy! (Bronze) – Create 10 characters in Customize

Go to customizations and just color ten characters. One color is enough for each player.

Hey, hey, hey! (Bronze) – Be challenged by “Billy” and win in ARCADE

Will come normally as you play through Arcade.

Great (Bronze) – Be challenged by “Saiki” and win in ARCADE

While playing in Arcade, try to get high scores and also try to finish off the players using a super special move or a NEO max move. Repeat this until Saiki appears instead of Billy.

You can’t win against me! (Bronze) – Be challenged by “Ash” and win in ARCADE

Will come normally after you fight Billy or Saiki (a few fights after them).

How was it? (Silver) – Clear ARCADE MODE without continuing

This is easy until you reach Saiki (beast mode) and Dark Ash. You need to beat Arcade mode without going to the continue screen. I found an easy way to defeat them so keep Clark on your team. Make sure you are playing on easy:


This is… my victory! (Silver) – Clear ARCADE MODE on VERY HARD

You can continue as much as possible so don’t worry about losing. Just go to options and set the difficulty on Very Hard.

Looks like I was just on time. (Bronze) – Clear Time Attack mode for the first time

See “You Can’t compare to me

You can’t compare to me. (Silver) – Clear Time Attack mode with 30 characters

Go to time attack mode and finish it with 30 out of 33 players. You will need to fight ten characters only and you can take your time so don’t worry.

I will execute my mission! (Bronze) – Defeat 3 characters in Survival mode

See “I’m enough for this job

I’m enough for this job! (Silver) – Defeat 35 characters in Survival mode

This will be a bit hard since two bosses will come at the end. So, pick your best fighter and try to reach wave 30 with at least 80% of health left.

You regain a bit of health as you win. But try to keep it up and not around 20 or 30%. 34 and 35 will be boss battles.

I have reached wave 50 so its not that hard.

That should do it! (Silver) – Complete all trials for 1 character in Trial mode

You need to complete ten trials for any of the 33 characters. The easiest one is Maxima, I would go for his 10 trials.

Yes! I’m the best! (Gold) – Clear 200 trials in Trial mode

This is the hardest trophy in the game.

Luckily, they asked for 200 out of 330 only or else this would make SF4 trials look like child’s play.

You only need to do 6 trials with each player plus two extra trials from any other player.

You got 33 players so that equals 330 trials.

If you cannot do any of the trials in other games then forget this one because its just as hard as the rest even when they want 6 out of 10 only.

Let’s play warrior! (Bronze) – Create 10 rooms

Go online and just create a room and exit. Repeat 9 more times.

Go easy on me! (Bronze) – Play your first [ranked match / player match]

See “I shall not waver!

Good! (Bronze) – Play 50 [ranked matches / player matches]

See “I shall not waver!

Hehe… hot, wasn’t it? (silver) – Play 100 [ranked matches / player matches]

See “I shall not waver!

I shall not waver! (silver) – Play 300 [ranked matches / player matches]

Just play 300 ranked or player matches. Win or Lose, it doesn’t matter.

Yeah! (Bronze) – Win your first [ranked match / player match]

See “Excellent!

This was just a greeting! (Bronze) – Win 5 [ranked matches / player matches]

See “Excellent!

Doesn’t it feel good? (Bronze) – Win 25 [ranked matches / player matches]

See “Excellent!

Isn’t this fun, eh? (silver) – Win 50 [ranked matches / player matches]

See “Excellent!

Excellent! (Gold) – Win 100 [ranked matches / player matches]

You need to win 100 ranked or player matches online. If you are having difficulties then just boost them with a friend online by creating a private room.

Okay! (Bronze) – Get 2 consecutive wins in a ranked match

See “Yeah! I did it!

Number 1! (Bronze) – Get 5 consecutive wins in a ranked match

See “Yeah! I did it!

Yeah! I did it! (silver) – Get 10 consecutive wins in a ranked match

You need to win 10 ranked matches in a row. This can be hard for many people and the online isn’t friendly with the lag.

If there is a way to boost this, then go ahead try it out, or else just train hard and try your best.