Is Monster Hunter 3G Coming to the PlayStation Vita?

Nintendo stuck Sony with a critical blow by nabbing a Monster Hunter for the 3DS over the PlayStation Vita, a game that’s been a major factor in the PSP’s overwhelming success in Japan. However, it’s never explicitly been said that Monster Hunter would be exclusive to the 3DS, and some new evidence – while a stretch – could prove that Monster Hunter 3G isn’t off the table for the PlayStation Vita.

In the game’s online manual, some instructions refer to PlayStation brand buttons triangle and circle, rather than the 3DS’s X, Y, B and A. The image referenced still displays a 3DS. And while this looks more like a simple mistake than anything else, it does seem strange that instructions featuring PlayStation buttons were drawn up for any purpose.

Could this mean Monster Hunter 3G will come to the PlayStation Vita? Not directly, but knowing how the series has performed previously on PlayStation platforms, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it arrive on Sony’s upcoming portable. After all, with the Vita, you don’t need to purchase a separate, stupid-looking, clunky add-on to get a second analog stick.

[Update] The online manual has now been changed to reflect the appropriate 3DS buttons, removing the mention of triangle and circle.