Skyrim Becomes First Western Game To Receive Famitsu’s Perfect Score

November 30, 2011Written by Tony Wibowo

Since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim released, the game has enjoyed a scorching reception from fans and critics alike, including a perfect score from PSLS. Famitsu has become the latest member of gaming media to give this great gem a perfect 40/40 score. Even though Skyrim joins a list that already contained 16 games that received perfect scores in the past, its inclusion marks the first time a “western” game receiving such score.

Famitsu reviews games based on scores from four point of views; in short, four reviewers get the task to review the game and at the end tally up the scores from the four people. In order to get perfect 40/40, the game needs to be great enough for the reviewers to brandish 10s – and Skyrim is certainly worthy of such scores.

Many western games, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, FIFA 12, Red Dead Redemption and Modern Warfare 3, came close to receive the perfect scores but they all had to settle for 39/40.

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