Resident Evil 6 May Be Set In China

Following up rumors that production had begun on Resident Evil 6, new reports suggest the upcoming survival horror game will be set in China. An online resume for one of the voice actors from Techland’s Dead Island mentions Resident Evil 6 by name, and the actor updated their LinkedIn profile with the role “Chinese Zombie/Villager”.

Beyond the setting and the existence of zombies, this actor’s profile does not tell us much. It is my gut instinct that the inclusion of “Zombie/Villager” means that we could be dealing with Las Plagas or Uroboros from Resident Evil 4/5. Unlike the T-Virus both of the outbreaks from 4/5 started in small towns. The viruses allowed the infected to still keep their fine motor skills; they were able to use weapons like machetes & firearms.

With information surrounding Resident Evil 6 leaking out, it’s possible the game may see a VGA reveal, but Capcom may not want to announce the game before the release of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City next year.