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VGA PS3 Exclusive Not Sony Smash Bros.

At this year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards, a new PS3 exclusive you “won’t believe” will make its debut. As soon as that news broke, the PlayStation community instantly assumed that it would be the recently rumored Sony Smash Bros. game. However, the host of the VGAs, Geoff Keighley is hinting that might not be the game appearing on the annual show.

Fans taking to Twitter were pummeling @geoffkeighley with questions about the PS3 exclusive that will debut at the VGAs. Some fans were considerably adamant about it being the Sony fighter, but Keighley, the show’s host, challenges the insinuation:

@geoffkeighley It’s the Sony Smash Bros, Geoff, give us something less predictable~ :p

@pt_Cena Let’s make a bet!

@geoffkeighley More than likely the Smash Bros-esque game that has screenshots circling about.

@lazyspartan Wanna bet?

As you can see, Keighley is willing to bet that it’s not the Sony fighting mash-up. The man is in the know, he is the show’s host after all.

If it’s not the Sony Smash Bros. game, then what could it be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.