Dragon Age 2 And Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Coming to PSN Next Week

The PSN store has been releasing full PS3 games the last few weeks lately, and this coming update will be no different – perhaps Sony’s new policy regarding game downloads from the store has persuaded more publishers and developers to release their games digitally. After releasing Modern Warfare 2, the store will continue its streak by releasing Dragon Age 2 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

This news came two minutes into the latest episode of PS Blog’s podcast. Dragon Age 2 is the sequel of the much acclaimed Dragon Age: Origins, and received a great score from PSLS, with the game praised for its deep character development and well-written plot and dialogue.

Developed by the Burnout‘s Criterion Games, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit released in November 2010 and marked the first use of the Autolog system, a stat tracking/leaderboard mechanism. Autolog features in this year’s Need For Speed: The Run and also in Battlefield 3 (even though it’s called Battlelog, but the basic functionality is similar).