New PS3 Video Store Ads Take Cues From Star Trek

Sony’s contracted ad agency Studio Output and the Marshmallow Laser Factory to produce a series of three viral advertisements promoting the PlayStation Video Store. The result is an impressive piece of real-time rendering that could double as a simulation of the holodeck from Star Trek.

In the advertisements a gamer sits in his living room and turns on his PlayStation 3. Once the console has been powered on a game-like environment begins to fill up the background and similar to Augmented Reality, 3D objects appear in the real world.

If you’re thinking to yourself “we had this kind of stuff back in the 90s” you would only be half right. The graphics featured in the advertisement are not that impressive until you realize that these commercials were created using no post production. That means these commercials were shot with no editing, no special effects and no post production. Everything was done by the camera in real-time as they shot the actor on the set.

For film nerds like me these advertisements are a real treat but the general public? Well they might not get the significance of what is being demonstrated. Regardless of where you fit on that spectrum make sure you check out the three viral videos in the embedded player at the bottom of this article.

The PlayStation Video Store offers SD and HD videos for rental and purchase in most regions.