Dynasty Warriors Next to be European PlayStation Vita Launch Title

A new installment of Tecmo Koei’s long-running action/combat franchise Dynasty Warriors, titled Dynasty Warriors Next, will be a launch title for the PlayStation Vita in Europe, arriving February 22nd of next year. The title, developed by Omega Force, is a brand new installment of the franchise that makes use of the Vita’s various capabilities.

Dynasty Warriors Next will make use of a “fusion” of touch controls (both the front touch screen and rear touch pad) in addition to regular button controls. The game has a powerful “Speed Musou” attack that can be activated by touch or shaking the Vita. Touching the screen can be used to perform a “Direct Break,” which will capture bases quickly. Subordinates on the battlefield can be controlled by touching the map and using “Straight Commands,” all of which happens without interrupting gameplay.

The game will support Vita’s “Live Area” UI, but does not specify how. The game will also support Wi-Fi and 3G via Conquest Mode, as well as four player ad-hoc multiplayer in the form of Coalition Mode.

Players will be able to create and customize their warriors via Edit Mode. Dynasty Warriors Next also boasts more than 65 playable characters.

No announcements were made concerning a release in other territories.