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Editor’s Note On Our Skyrim Review for PS3, Lag, Bugs, Etc. [Update]

We are well aware of the widespread issues that many PlayStation 3 owners of Skyrim are suffering from, and we have deep empathy for those who are. That said, our review score stands. The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim is a deep immersive world, well-deserving of the recognition it is receiving, even despite reports of lag, glitches and bugs.

We’ve received emails from a number of unhappy Skyrim players asking us to alter our score or to play more than 60+ hours of the game. I personally have logged over 100+ hours (Level 54, Master of Sneak) into the PlayStation 3 version of the game, and have only experienced some minor lag and a handful of game crashes that required a hard reset of my PlayStation 3.

While I don’t dare deny that there are many users are enduring through much worse issues (we read the forums and comments, too), there are some users that are not (although cases like my own are more rare than users with issues). We publicly implore Bethesda to address the issues and the community at large, and have reached out to them for their thoughts on the matter.

[Update] Bethesda’s Pete Hines has issued the following comment, as well as directing us to the following links:

Skyrim: What We’re Working On:

“We’re seeing folks reporting success with these and playing lag free (including games over 100 hours).”

PS3 Tips to Try:

“We’ll continue to provide info and updates as they become available to those users who are still having issues.”

We highly recommend that anyone experiencing any problems to give these “tips” a try. If you do, please report back here to inform us if you’ve had any success in remedying the issues you have been facing.

-Anthony Severino, Editor-In-Chief