PlayStation Home v1.60 Arrives Tomorrow

Sony has announced that PlayStation Home v1.60 will be available tomorrow morning both in North America and Europe. This update brings a lot of small changes that are sure to make longtime users happy.

The most significant update to Home in this latest patch is the doubling of items allowed in your personal space. Currently there is a hard limit of 22 items, but once the new patch has been applied you will be able to place almost 100 standard items in your personal space. Or:

  • 78 standard furniture items and 1 active or,
  • 56 standard furniture items and 2 actives or,
  • 34 standard furniture items and 3 actives or,
  • 12 standard furniture items and 4 actives

Targeting in personal spaces has also been improved. Sony have changed the way that companion portables work so they will now automatically re-activate after you enter and leave a game or relocate between spaces. There is also a new help system to help new users. Arcade games are now no longer subject to the 3 minute inactivity timeout when placed as furniture in Personal Spaces or Clubhouses. The “Community” section of the Menu Pad has also been removed.

A re-launch of PlayStation Home took place last month. Headlining the re-launch was the introduction of several themed zones, a number of free to play games, a questing system and PSLS Home Shirts.